How To Prevent Non-Customers From Parking In Your Parking Lot

Posted on: 1 May 2018

If you are a business owner, you might like having a parking lot that provides plenty of parking for your customers. What you might not want, however, is for other people to park in your parking lot. After all, this takes away parking spots from those who will be patronizing your business. These are a few tips that can help you prevent non-customers from parking in your parking lot.

Put Up Signs

You might not think that putting up a sign on your property will make much of a difference. After all, it is true that some people will ignore signs. However, you could also find that a surprising number of people will avoid parking in your parking lot if you put up signs that ask them not to. Consider custom-ordering a few signs that state that your parking is for your customers only and that all violators will be towed. This can be a good deterrent to prevent people from parking in your spots in the first place if they aren't planning on coming in and patronizing your business.

Have Violators Towed

Even if you do have signage up that asks people not to park in your parking lot, you should know that some people will still do so. The good news is that you can have these vehicles removed so that you can make room for your customers. Try calling a local towing company to find out about having these vehicles towed. Then, the owner will have to retrieve their own vehicles at their own expense.

For one thing, this can help you get rid of vehicles that are cluttering up your parking lot. Secondly, once people in your community realize that you are serious about towing vehicles that violate your parking policy, word might spread around that it's a bad idea to use your parking lot if you aren't planning on actually patronizing the business. Over time, this can lead to fewer and fewer non-customers using your parking lot.

Have Someone Watch Your Parking Lot

Whether you choose to hire security to keep an eye on your parking or if you just have an employee have a presence in the parking area throughout the day, you can help prevent non-customers from parking in your parking area. After all, if people know that there are employees watching them, they might be more likely to abide by any signage and parking rules that you might have in place.

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