Prepping Your Car To Be Towed - Four Tips

Posted on: 6 November 2017

If your car has broken down, getting this towed to your mechanic can be a stressful endeavor on its own. If you have car troubles while you are out and about, being prepared with a few tips that can help your situation ahead of time can be a lifesaver. Here are four things you can do to streamline your towing process and aftermath if you need to call for an emergency tow:

1. Explain Your Situation to Your Towing Service

The more details your tow truck driver has to expect on the scene, the better. Explain if you might be in a covered or garage area, since they might need to bring along a different truck or equipment for towing. If you are in a remote location, dropping a pin on your phone can help towing services locate you, or point out landmarks around you to make your car easier to find.

2. Have a Gameplan

If you can have a loved one come and pick you up at your location, this might be the best scenario. If not, check with your towing service to ensure that you can catch a ride along with your tow truck driver to your mechanic. It is your responsibility to check in with your mechanic so they are expecting you. That being said, many times towing services can give advice or make arrangements for you with their mechanic contacts if needed as well.

3. Scan Your Car for Valuables

Whether you are having engine problems or have gotten in accident, it is a good idea to do a quick check of your car to make sure there aren't any valuables or items that you would be upset about if they went missing. This includes personal information in the glove box. If you have a lot of items in your car that you cannot take with you, be sure to transfer these to the trunk to keep items safe while in transit, at a car lot, or at your mechanic's.

4. Take Pictures of Your Car and Surroundings

Especially if you have been in an accident, having photos for insurance purposes will be a great help down the line. Take photos of the location of your car, along with snaps of all sides of your car, damaged or not. This way you can prove what damages were there before your car leaves your sight and have a visual record of your car troubles in case you ever need this.

Getting your car towed might feel stressful, but if you can take some of the stress out of the situation by being prepared to deal with your emergency. Towing services want to be helpful, so if you need advice on repairs or mechanics, they might be able to help. Being smart about your car, surroundings, and personal safety is key no matter where you are when you have a car emergency that requires a tow.

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Staying Safe During Towing

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