Roadside Assistance Tips For Remote Breakdown Situations

Posted on: 18 August 2017

If you are planning a trip to a remote area where you will be driving on dirt roads miles away from other people, then it is important that you understand how to safely handle a breakdown in this situation. In addition to the tips listed below, you should also be proactive before leaving home by stocking your vehicle with food, water, and blankets. These three things will go a long way towards keeping you alive while you are waiting for professional help to arrive.

Here are some tips for effectively handling remote breakdown situations:

Tip: Understand that Your Cell Phone Probably Won't Work

While your cell phone can be a life saver when you break down in a populated area, this isn't the case in remote regions without cell phone towers. For travel outside of the cellular network, you should take along a satellite phone or activate the On Star function if your car is equipped with it. On Star uses the satellite network and will often work in remote areas where cell phones won't.

It is important to note that when your cell phone isn't working, you can't Google repair instructions or survival information. For this reason, you should purchase a basic repair manual for your car and a basic survival book. Toss the books into your car's trunk so you will have them if necessary.

Tip: Let Someone Know Where You Will Be Driving

When you are going to travel in a remote area, it is vital that someone knows where you will be traveling and when you expect to be back home. The more detailed you are with the information you leave behind, then the easier it will be if you need rescue by a local search and rescue group or law enforcement. The best thing you can do is leave your emergency contact person with a map with your planned route of travel marked out on it. If you decide to go somewhere else, then make a quick call and let your contact know about the changes.

Tip: Always Stay with Your Vehicle

Finally, it is important to mention that most people who break down in the wilderness and become seriously injured or die are those people who choose to leave their vehicle and hike out. You should never leave your vehicle because it provides you with a safe structure for sleeping and it gives search parties a bigger target to locate. 

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